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Yoga means union in sanskrit. It is both a discipline leading to, and the experience of, reunion of the embodied individual self with the universal self. This is the goal of human life and endeavour. One can attain this goal by adopting a spiritual way of life, characterized by moral restraint, ethical discipline and hygienic living. These when combined, help a person to keep his physical force in balance and to develope his mental and spiritual powers. With a progressive control of the body, senses and mind and the development of the latent powers of body and mind, a change occurs in the lifestyle of the yoga practitioner.This leads to physiological harmony, mental poise and a positive outlook. Yoga is the science that teaches the method to attain this.

The physical basis of yoga comprises asanas, mudras, bandhas, kriyas, pranayama and moral restraints and observances. Righly performed yogic practices help to keep your body in proper shape and balance and refine your mental faculties, thus making you fit for spiritual advancement. The benefits are thus both physical and spiritual.


Yoga practices keep your body fit and supple and ensure that your faculties remain intact. To keep diseases at bay and prolong life,yogic exercises are unequalled by any other system and are the finest that human genius have ever designed. Yoga exercises promote harmony and balance in all functions of the body by providing proper exercises and tone to every part of the body. Even old people taking to yoga can remain youthful as the decay of tissue is arrested and the ravages of age are removed quickly. Poor vision, grey hair, loss of teeth, thinning muscles, wrinkled skin, a bent back, stiffness of the joints, reduced mobility, hardening of the artery, and other degenerative symptoms of old age are arrested as yoga practices slow down ageing and prolong youth by the generation and assimilation of life energy. Many ailments of old age are also prevented.

If practiced faithfully, with due concentration and awareness, yoga practices begin to show results within a few weeks. Regular practices will tone up the nervous,lymphatic and muscular systems and keep them in good condition. The respiratory muscles become strong and the respiratory passage gets cleared of all impurities.The blood circulation improves and it can be diverted to any gland or organ needing it urgenly without undue strain on the heart. Food will be assimilated better and the waste products more promptly eliminated. The abdominal organs are held in place and will work at optimum efficiency.The endocrine gland will function at their peak andin proper balance.The spinal coloumn is reshaped and becomes more flexible.The reproductive system will function better.The vital organs retain their youthful vigour and efficiency. The body body becomes light and resilient with better neuro muscular coordination and metabolic efficiency .With increased suppleness of body and mind ,the senses also work .

The other physical benefits of yoga are

1) Regular paracise will develop the body and its limbs to their normal proportion and establish natural harmony and functional balance between the various organs leading to better health and a feeling of well being.

2) All parts of the body are adequately exercised with minimum effort in aminimum time without causing strain ,fatigue, excessive heat or percpiration.

3) Yogic exercises strengthen the weak part of the without any panting and puffing which accompany athletic training.They are particularly effective in preventing the weakness of the abdominal muscles.

4) Stiff muscles regain their elasticity and tone by their contraction and extension. The mobility of the joints also improves and maintainn even at an advanced age.

5) The involuntary muscles can be developed and controlled by the application of concentrated pressure up on them.

6) The activity of the heart gets regulated and cardiovascular fitness get improved.

7) A conscious conrol over most of the autonomic functions of the body can be attained which is not possible through any other systems of physical culture

8) Minor structural and functional defects can be rectified and a uniform development of the entire body achieved by the consistent practice of the asanas. A sagging abdomen , stooping back, bulging hips, flabby thighs, drooping houlders and ahollow chest can be rectified and their form regained. The spine is kept supple and straight. The limbs of the body gets symmetrical ,leading to an improvement in the posture.

9) Yoga postures help to cure obesity by removing excess fat and redistributing it over the body in the correct proportion. Loss of way weight achieved through yoga stays that way.

10) Asanas help to regulate the weight. If you are under weight, you gain weight. If you are over weight ,you lose the extra weight

11) Correct breathing habits are developed.

12) Blood pressure gets normalized and more blood reaches more tissue.

13) You will sleep better.

14) Eyes become brighter and the voice deeper.Your complexion and postures improves.A slim wasteline can also be improved.

15) Bowel movement become regular and accumulated toxins in the body will get easily eliminated without drugs.

16) The need for tranquilizers and stimulants with their negative side effects can be avoided

17) By correcting the cause,many common complaints and psychosomatic disorders can be alleviated without doctors and drugs.

18) A high degree of physical endurance and resistance to disease is developed by the correct functioning and invigoration of internal organs and the reestablishment of the body’s self adjusting mechanisms.

19) Even after prolonged illness, yoga practices accelerates the recovery phses as they generate and conserve energy and increase vitality.

20) The ability to bear heat and cold and to endure pain and strain is increased.

21) Yoga teaches the art of relaxation. Fatigue both muscular and nervous is, removed and deep relaxation and increased vitality are brought about.

22) All tensions, physical, mental and emotional get gradually eliminated and the body, mind and emotions work in harmony until late in life.


1) Yoga practices bring you a life time of rewards such as better awareness, mental poise, and unruffled serenity.

2) Continued practice enables you a better control over your emotions as your mind is gradually freed away from the sway of senses.

3) Yoga practices help you to arrest your wandering mind and increase your power of concentration.

4) The practical discipline of yoga helps you to look within, resulting in an integration of personality and the awakening of new consciousness.