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The Bottom line in meditation is that it’s about becoming aware and sensitive to your inner environment and is a highly individualized process. The meditative state transcends all limitations. In it there is neither past nor future but only the consciousness of 1 AM in the eternal now. This consciousness is only possible. When all the mental waves are stilled and the mind ceases to exist. Meditation is a state of consciousness. It is the fourth or turiya state. The purpose of meditation is to create new positive channels in the mind and to eradicate those that are destructive. It is an absolutely scientific process, but the goal is spiritual. Simultaneously there must be a striving to develop love, compassion, a sense of service, cheerfulness, kindness and the many other qualities which not only make one’s own life happy, but which radiation to others.

Through regular meditation, the mind become clearer and motives more pure. The subconscious releases hidden knowledge that allows better understanding. The ego is slowly eradicated. Ultimately the intuitive forces are released, leading to a life of wisdom and peace.

Yoga wakens you to yourself, and meditation settles you will probably feel that you want to meditate. Meditation means different things to different people. What the yogi’s of old tell us about meditation is that, according to the yoga sutras, meditation is the process of stilling the thought waves of the mind. Yogic meditation is the disciplining of the mind until it becomes still. Although it is not something you can lean to do in a day, the feeling of well being and peace it crates is worth the time and commitment required. As you develop your practice of meditation, you will most likely find yourself moving through progressively deeper levels of stillness. As you go deeper, you will open into an inner space of awareness that changes constantly. yet you are solid and slitting, aware of all your thoughts without being involved in them. This is dhyana. The last of the eight limbs of realm of total identification with the spirit.